1.  Can I obtain a police report from the Manheim Borough Police Department?

Yes.  Police reports may be obtained from the Manheim Borough Police Department by contacting the office.  Many investigations have personal or sensitive information.  This includes the status or procedures of active police investigations.  Because of this some police records and information may be exempt from public access.  This exemption falls within the guidelines of Pennsylvania Right to Know, to protect victims and reporting persons.

2.  Can I obtain an accident report from the Manheim Borough Police Department?

Yes.  Accident reports may be obtained from the Manheim Borough Police Department by contacting the Office.  While on the scene of the accident Officers provide the involved parties with a preliminary report with enough information to begin the insurance claim process.  Finalized, typewritten reports are then filed by the investigating Officer.  These reports are releasable to interested parties and insurance companies.  Certain crash reports and information, typically those involving fatal accidents or serious injury, require a court subpoena.

3.  Is there a cost to obtaining a police report?

Yes.  In all cases there is a fee required to obtain a police report.  This allows Borough to defer costs of the copying and equipment needed to provide the service.  All municipal fees are advertised yearly as required by law.

4.  How do I apply for a job as a police officer?

The Manheim Borough Police Department, in concert with the Lancaster County Chief’s of Police Association, participates in the Lancaster County Hiring Consortium.  Individuals wishing to begin a career in Law Enforcement may apply to the Counties hiring consortium through the application listed in the EMPLOYMENT section of this website.  Manheim Borough’s hiring process includes a Civil Service model.  The processes consists of the application, written test, physical agility testing, background check, interviews, drug screens, psychological, and polygraph tests prior to appointment.

5.  Do I need a permit to sell door to door in Manheim Borough or Rapho Township?

Yes.  By ordinance, both municipalities have solicitation requirements.  It is unlawful for any individual or company to solicit funds or attempt to sell a service without first securing a solicitors permit from the respective municipality.  Permits can be acquired at the municipalities Government Offices after the application is approved.

6.  Does Manheim Borough have a curfew?

Yes.  The curfew was established as an ordinance making it illegal for a person(s) under the age of 18 to remain in or upon any public place or establishment “after hours” (between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM).  The ordinance also includes violations for parents or guardians who permit a minor to violate the curfew ordinance.

7.  How do I sign up for news and alert notifications?

On the opening page of this website there is a “subscribe here” link under the “Blog and Email Alerts” section.  Follow this link to subscribe for various communications that are posted by the Manheim Borough Police Department.  Through the profile you can choose for what notifications you would like to receive.

8.  How do I get information on identity theft?

The Federal Trade Commission has a website that identifies several ways to identify if you have been the victim of identity theft and methods to avoid being a victim.  Follow this link to visit the site:  http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0014-identity-theft

9.  Where can I get information on crime prevention?

Check out our crime prevention blog on this website.  Another great resource  is the National Crime Prevention Council website at http://www.ncpc.org/.  This website contains an incredible amount of information from Bullying and School Safety to Violent Crime and Personal Safety.

10.  If I need a police officer for an incident, but it’s not really an emergency, what number do I call?

Remember, always dial 911 for emergencies.  If you believe an emergency is taking place and it is later determined that it was not emergency there is no penalty as long as you were not giving information you knew not to be true.  Non-emergency calls should be directed to the Lancaster County Wide Communications at 717-664-1180.  You may also call the police department at 717-665-2481.