Recently, phone scams have become more creative and ruthless.  Please be prepared to protect yourself for these types of calls.  The Federal Trade Commission has a website to learn about these growing threats, and resources and videos to help you stay a head of them….


A recent incident involved individuals calling about an injured or arrested “grandson”.  The caller identifies themselves as a “lawyer, police officer, or doctor”.  The caller then asks for money to help the “grandson” who is in emergency care or incarcerated and cannot speak.  It is a ruthless method that has victimized people across the country.  Please contact your local police department to verify an injured or incarcerated loved one.  Lawyers, police officers or doctors will never request money be sent over the phone for an immediate emergency.  And they will always identify where they are located, their physical address, an official name and a call back number that can be verified through a police dispatcher or a legal reputable business.

Follow the Federal Trade Commissions web site to register for the National do not call list.  And do not trust anyone you do not personally know that calls you.  NEVER send money to receive money.  Lotteries and organizations like Publishers Clearing House do NOT call, and do NOT require a deposit from your.  Cash Loans, car repair insurances and home improvement calls also do NOT require cash deposits.

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