Through a cooperative investigation the Manheim Borough Police Department in conjunction with the Northwest Regional Police Department and Susquehanna Regional Police Department filed charges on Barry L. Templin and Brandon J. Adams for a series of burglaries.  The burglaries that occurred within Manheim Borough’s jurisdiction include:


  • On 07/26/13 in the 1000 block of Milton Grove Road several firearms and a television were stolen by both Templin and Adams working in concert. 
  • On 08/02/13 Templin entered a neighbor’s home in the 4800 block of Elizabethtown Road and stole a revolver and a jewelry box containing jewelry.
  • On 08/03/13 a residence on Honeysuckle Way, Columbia had money, a laptop, a camera and other personal belongings stolen by both Templin and Adams working together. 
  • On 08/06/13 Templin entered and address in the 1000 block of Shelly Road while the home owner was home.  Templin fled the scene prior to stealing anything.  The victim was physically unharmed and did not have direct contact with Templin.


“Residential burglaries are not acceptable or tolerable.  In this case the motive was drug addiction which compounds an additional level of dangerousness to these two individuals’ actions.  Entering someone’s home violates every ounce of trust and security that we cherish.  These types of crimes have a lasting effect on the victims.  In this particular case, we now have stolen firearms that are in someone else’s possession that could pose a risk to others if they are used in furtherance of other criminal acts.”  (Chief Stauffer)

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