Summer is near and so are the phone and job scams.   Do you have solicitors stopping by your house?  Do you get phone calls asking for banking information?  STOP.  Research the company and do your homework before ever giving money or personal information.  Follow the link to learn more…

We receive phone scam inquiries often.

Recently, individuals will call asking for “bail money” for relatives who are incarcerated.  We have also received calls where individuals report having “arrest warrants” for individuals who need to post “collateral”.  If you receive a questionable phone call, it most likely is a scam.  Do not provide ANYONE banking information, routing numbers, or personal information like Social Security numbers or a date of birth.  If you are actual a patron of a Bank or company, they should have all of the information they need available to them.

Publishers Clearing House and other companies who give awards / grants DO NOT CALL.  The majority of legitimate companies refer to written documentation or personal visits with proof of award.

A telephone number that appears to be “local” could be from overseas.  “Spoofing” is common place and mirrors a local phone number to enable criminals to appear like legitimate “local” businesses.

MBPD would like you to have a safe and “scam free” summer!

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