PATROL DIVISION – The patrol division is the “backbone” of the Police Department. This division is comprised of highly trained, educated, and professional officers who respond to a variety of police emergency calls, as well as the day-to-day roles of a uniformed police officer. They include bicycle patrol, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, emergency response, SRT team and all officers are trained in crisis negotiation and de-escalation.  Several of MBPD officers are also certified range instructors, crash reconstructionist, motor carrier enforcement and use of force certified.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS – The investigations department is comprised of highly trained professionals who specialize in criminal investigations. MBPD remains pro-active in crime detection, prevention, and investigation. Deterrence begins with thorough investigations that ultimately assist in the identification and apprehension of criminals and criminal activity that occurs in our jurisdiction.  MBPD’s detectives have specialized training in child abuse investigations, high level fraud investigations, identity theft, drug delivery investigations, suspicious death investigations, DNA collection and submissions, missing persons and many more.

TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT/INVESTIGATIONS – A subdivision of the patrol division, traffic enforcement and investigations are crucial roles for community safety. Traffic enforcement can be selective where issues arise, and investigations are extremely important when accidents occur. MBPD remains a member of the Northwest Regional CRASH team, and thoroughly investigates vehicle crashes within our jurisdiction. From non-injury accidents to fatal crashes, MBPD has the capability of properly investigating every incident.

SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER – MBPD remains committed to the safety of our community’s youth. By implementing a School Resource Officer (SRO), the Department provides two professional, trained law enforcement officers to the Manheim Central School District. These officers ensure a safe and protected learning environment for our children while they attend school and extracurricular activities.

OFFICE MANAGER – MBPD has an Office Manager who provides a variety of services to the Police Department. The Office Manager performs data entry, as well as taking calls from the community for police-related services. The Office Manager has knowledge of criminal procedure as well as criminal law and assist with the day-to-day activities that occur within this agency.

EMERGENCY SERVICES – MBPD remains committed to their response to any emergency that may arise. Officers are first aid and CPR certified, utilize A.E.D.’s (automated electric defibrillators) and have other certifications in a variety of emergency service response roles.

YOUTH AID PANEL – MBPD remains committed to the youth of our community. The Police Department utilizes the Lancaster County Youth Aid Panel program, which falls under the authority of the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. Communities within Lancaster County are strongly encouraged to utilize Youth Aid Panels in cases where a juvenile offender meets the requirements of the program and when both the youth and the youth’s family demonstrate an interest to utilize the program in lieu of the Lancaster County judicial system. The requirements for eligibility generally state that the youth shall not have a prior criminal record or vehicle code violation classified as a misdemeanor or higher. Youth violence, gangs and hate groups are a serious concern for any community. These types of offenses and those related to ethnic intimidation may only be evaluated for consideration for the YAP based on a review of specific mitigating circumstances. Youths committing serious acts of violence are generally not eligible for this program.

MEDIATION DIVERSION PROGRAM – The purpose of this program is to work with citizens to resolve disputes and problems that are brought to the attention of the Manheim Borough Police Department (MBPD). In keeping with this commitment, the MBPD may refer persons involved in disputes, which meet the criteria for alternative dispute resolution to mediation services. Involving citizens in solving community problems and coproducing public safety through mediation services can divert some minor criminal cases away from the criminal justice system and address the root cause of disputes.

SECOND CHANCE / GATEWAYS PROGRAM – Gateways is a new police-assisted community health initiative under SecondChancePA. We’re on a mission to close service gaps for individuals with primary and co-occurring mental health disorders. The program commits qualified staff and resources to law enforcement and community health partners to provide immediate, on-scene crisis response, individualized screening and assessment services, and referrals to mental health treatment 24 hours per day.  SecondChancePA is an interdisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals, law enforcement & government officials, advocates & citizens determined to do our part in turning the tables on addiction, relapse, and needless death.  Police Departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) throughout Central Pennsylvania have joined forces with Blueprints for Addiction Recovery to establish resources in favor of rehabilitation over incarceration, hope over helplessness, life over death.

CHILD SAFETY SEAT CHECKS – MBPD offers child car seat inspections through our personnel who are NHTSA certified. Contact the MBPD office to schedule an appointment to have your child safety seats checked by a certified Officer.