left to right:  Galen Myers, Wilber Tosten, James Tosten

left to right: Galen Myers, Wilber Tosten, James Tosten

On 02/27/13 at approximately 2:26PM hours the Manheim Borough Police Department began receiving calls from witnesses reporting a residential burglary in progress on North Strickler Road, Rapho Township.A witness reported seeing three males entering a residence through a back door and carrying out “guns”.  The dispatcher noted that the caller believed they were carrying out “guns” and “gun cases” from the house.  The witness knew the owner of the residence and did not recognize any of the three suspects.The witnesses began following the suspects’ vehicle which was described as a yellow pickup truck with a yellow cap.  They also noted that the suspects put the guns in the enclosed portion bed of the pickup.

Officer Kristopher Keller (MBPD) located the suspect vehicle a very short distance from the victim’s residence as it was being followed by witnesses.  Officer Keller stopped the vehicle in the 2300 block of Hossler Road.

Officer Keller observed a brown and black long gun case in the bed of the pickup concealed under a bed mattress / box spring.  Keller also observed an additional gun case behind the driver’s seat of the pickup.

Keller identified the driver of the vehicle and identified him as Wilbur Roy Tosten Sr, of Hagerstown Maryland.

As the vehicle was being stopped, the witness reported the other two suspects were dropped off prior to Officer Keller stopping the vehicle, and were again entering the residence for a second time.

Officer Aaron Szulborski arrived and approached the victim’s residence, an additional suspect, later identified as Galen Scott Myers, of Hagerstown Maryland, began running from Officer Szulborski. Szulborski pursued him and apprehended Myers after a short foot pursuit.

Officer Steven Ludman and Chief Joseph Stauffer arrived to find witnesses pointing out the third suspect who was walking from the front yard of the VICTIM’s house.  This suspect was also apprehended and identified as James Tosten, of Hagerstown Maryland.

An investigation determined that all three suspects were involved in entering the residence and removing property which included guns, jewelry and other valuables.

During questioning, all three suspects admitted to entering the residence and stealing the firearms and several personal items belonging to the victim.

The victim was unknown to the three suspects.

Manheim Borough Police conducted a search warrant of the suspect vehicle and the bags the suspects were carrying.  Police recovered 14 firearms; 9 pistols, 2 shotguns and 3 rifles.  Also recovered were numerous items of jewelry all of which are believed to belong to the victim.

“This was an outstanding example of what neighbors should be doing for each other.  The witnesses saw something that did not look right, called police, and three felons were apprehended.  The witnesses and responding Officers did an incredible job with this apprehension.  This was a potentially dangerous incident that involved a large amount of firearms.  The witnesses and Officers involved were at great risk. There is no doubt in my mind that these firearms would have been illegally sold on the street and placed into the hands of other criminals.  This particular incident kept 14 firearms from entering the street, and put 3 out of State burglars in prison to be held accountable for their actions.  Please remember if you see something, report it.”, stated by:  Chief Joseph C. Stauffer

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