New Laws for Multipurpose Agricultural Vehicles (MAVs)

Effective February 22, 2013

Last year’s enactment of legislation contained in Acts 209 (Senate Bill 390),
174 (House Bill 2372), and 173 (House Bill 2371) provided positive and needed
changes to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code to expand and facilitate farmers’ legal
ability to use their implements of husbandry, registration-exempt farm trucks, farm
trailers and multipurpose agricultural vehicles (MAVs) in local transportation. All of
the changes enacted under this legislation have gone into effect, as of February 22,

Please farm safe and have a healthy and productive year!

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau website is a great resource for the legal uses and requirements for farm vehicles and MAVs.  Follow the below link for the Laws and Regulations on the use of Pennsylvania Ag Vehicles and Operation of Overweight and Oversized vehicles as well as Vehicle Code Changes.


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